Perfect for golf carts, buggies, prams, tricycles,
man caves, ladies dens and mobility scooters.

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If you want to accessorise your golf cart, man cave, ladies den or your child’s pram, buggy or tricycle – then look no further than a novelty number plate.
All plates are personalised with text and a flag of your choice and look very similar to a regular UK number plate.
We’ve also made them for mobility scooters, walking frames and lawn mowers so they can be a novelty gift for all ages.


All plates are produced right here in the United Kingdom from high quality acrylic with a reflective vinyl face.
They’re made to stand up to the day to day use associated with your pram, buggy or tricycle.

What are the dimensions of the plates?

Plates measure 25cm x 7.5cm with rounded corners.

What font is used?

DVLA style text.

How long do they take to arrive?

Since plates are made to order please allow up to 10 days, though a week is more likely.

What if my flag isn’t listed?

The flags in the menu are what we have been asked for in the past. If yours isn’t available please contact us using the form at the bottom of the website.

How do I attach the plates?

Each plate has holes in the top left and right hand corners so can be attached to any type of bar. Alternatively they can be applied to a flat surface. We supply Velcro straps, cable ties and double sided sticky pads with every order.